Museum Policies

Works of art survive the ravages of time only through constant care and our efforts to preserve them for the enjoyment of future generations is dependent on your cooperation. Help us provide a safe environment for the art and our visitors by following our most important policies:

Weapons, food, and drink (including water bottles) are not allowed in Phoenix Art Museum. Exceptions: baby bottles, "sippy cups", breastfeeding, and medically-required supplies.

We maintain a smoke-free environment in both the Museum and Dorrance Sculpture Garden.

Backpacks (large and small) must be stored in a locker or tagged by a Gallery Attendant and worn as a shoulder bag during your visitLockers are available free of charge in the lobby. Exceptions: medically-required backpacks. 

Luggage, packages, umbrellas, and bags exceeding 11" x 15" cannot be taken into the galleries and must be stored in our free lockers in the lobby.

Artwork is viewed with eyes only.

Artworks in the Museum are not to be touched. For your safety and for the preservation of the artwork, stand at least one foot away (12 inches) from the piece you are viewing. This lets other visitors share the view and helps prevent accidents. We also ask that you do not lean against or touch walls, pedestals, and cases.

Young Art Patrons

Children ages 13 years and younger must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Patron Behavior

The Museum reserves the right to deny services based on the safety and well being of the works of art, its patrons, and staff.

Allowed Items:

  • Wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs
  • Walkers, crutches, or canes needed for stability
  • Strollers and child carriers that are used in the front of the parent
  • Oxygen tanks
  • Pencils
  • Shoulder bags (purses, messenger bags, laptop bags)

Prohibited Items:

  • Weapons
  • Water bottles
  • Umbrellas or walking sticks
  • Selfie sticks
  • Backpack child carriers or carrying a child on the back or shoulders
  • Drawing pads larger than 18" x 24" and easels
  • Pens, markers, crayons, paint, other forms of wet media
  • Animals with the exception of service animals.

Lockers are available free of charge in the lobby.

View a detailed list of Museum Policies.


Still photography of the permanent collection, taken in existing light, is permitted on the condition that the photographs are for personal, non-commercial use. Flashes, tripods, monopods, and selfie sticks, as well as movie and video cameras, are prohibited. Digital cameras are allowed; however, a flash cannot be used. 

View our full photography policy here.

Special Events

Decorations are limited to table decorations and/or freestanding displays or signs. No decorations may be hung, stapled, tied, leaned against or otherwise adhered to walls, columns, artwork, gallery furniture or the ceiling.

Balloons, birdseed, bubbles, confetti, glitter, rose petals, rice, sparklers, streamers or any other similar substance is prohibited. Chocolate, caramel, or other food/beverage fountains, smoke/fog machines, and live animals, including fish, are prohibited. Potted (i.e. with soil/dirt) plants/flowers/cactus are not permitted inside the Museum.

Phoenix Art Museum will not install or de-install specific artwork at the Host’s request. Under no circumstances may the Host, their contractors, or their guests touch, handle, or move works of art, pedestals, stanchions, or gallery furniture.