The Museum's Docent Program is nationally recognized for the quality of its training program as well as for the excellence and dedication of its almost 500 strong team.

What is a Docent?

A docent is a teacher and tour guide, serving the Museum and the community in the field of art education. Along with providing continuing education in art to its individual members, the Museum's Docent Program contributes in a variety of ways to art education within the Museum and in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

What does a docent do?

Docents serve as tour guides for children and adults visiting the Museum, present slide talks to schools and community groups, and assist in the operations of the Museum's Art Research Library and Slide Library.

How do I join?

Docent training lasts for 18 months, covering such topics as art history, public speaking and research. You don't need an art history background to participate.

Want to learn more about the Docent Program?

For more information, email the Museum's Education Department at