The 21st Century Society

As of October 2015

The 21st Century Society recognizes those who have ensured the Museum’s future by making a testamentary provision or other planned gift naming Phoenix Art Museum beneficiary of $5,000 or more.
Alvan and Sara Adams
Annie Allen
Anonymous (2)
Milena and Tony Astorga
Linda and James K. Ballinger
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Bamberl
Pari and Peter Banko
Jim and Alice Bazlen
Uta Monique Behrens
Viola F. Bernstein
Ben Bethel
Oonagh and John Boppart
Bonnie and John Bouma
Linda Breuer
LaVerne Beall Burhans
Iris Cashdan-Fishman
Marc and Mary Ann Cavness
Mr. Sandy Chamberlain and
  Dr. David Kest
Jae and Diann Christensen
Amy S. Clague
John M. Clements, II
Karen J. Clements
Kristin E. Clements
William W. Clements
George and Mandy Cohen
Pat and Gary Cohen
Lee and Mike Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Colangelo
Charles Coronella
Harry R. Courtright
Bruce Covill and Lucia Renshaw
Joan D. Cremin
Dorothy and Herold Crume
Joseph and Kathy D’Amico
Denise and Robert Delgado
A. J. Fleet Dickey
Marnie Dietrich
Gary J. Egan and
  Daniel A. Holterman
Murray and Cecile Epstein
Sharon and Victor Figarelli
Sharyn and Stuart Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner
Richard and Susan Goldsmith
Heather and Michael Greenbaum
Stephen and Marcia Guerrant
Rose O. Gustafson
Bobbie Haas
   Meryl H. Haber          
   Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hall, III
Mrs. Diane Cummings Halle
Terrence M. Hanson
Lila Harnett
Myrna Harrison
Mary Heiss and Harold Dorenbecher
Lynette Heller
Mary Beth Herbert
Dr. Bill Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Husband
Ray and Dee Isham
Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. (Hank) Johnson
Stanford S. Johnson
Dr. Eric Jungermann
Karen Justice
Ruth R. Kaspar
Ellen Katz
Mohammad and Vernita Khosti
Dr. and Mrs. Ravi Koopot
Joseph and Shawn Lampe
Sally Lehmann
Tochia and Stan Levine
Sharron Lewis
Linda Ligon
Dr. Dorothy Lincoln-Smith and
  Dr. Harvey Smith
Judy and Sam Linhart
Thomas and Julianne LaPorte
James and Dr. Michele Lundy
Janis and Dennis Lyon
Jeffrey Manley
Paul and Merle Marcus
Mrs. Jinx McCreary
Dr. Herbert and Susan Miller
Roy and Mary Miller
John H. Morrell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moses
Susan and Mark Mulzet
Steve and Dr. Kristen Nelson
The Nieto Family
Patricia and Richard Nolan
June Olson
Harry and Rose Papp
Mr. and Mrs. L. Roy Papp
Jim and Anita Patterson
Cecil W. Penn
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel A. Perez
Mr. and Mrs. John Phelps
Kelly Puziss
Don L. Randolph
Karen Randolph
Donna and Jonathan Reining
Gail Rineberg
Stephen Rineberg
Genevieve D. Roach
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Robinson
Valerie J. Rosenthal
Betty Rosenzweig
Mary Ell Ruffner
Elaine and Timothy Ryan
C. Angus Schaal
Miriam Schaeuble
Dawn and Jay Schlott
Barbara D. Shear
Melanie D. and Richard I. Shear
Rowena Simberg
Adam and Iris Singer
Leonard and Angela Singer
Pamela and Raymond Slomski
Dr. Jerry N. Smith and
  Vickie Hamilton-Smith
Helen Spacek
Mildred N. Starr
Becky Curtis Stevens
Patricia Stillman
Roxie Stouffer
Joan and Roger Strand
Betty Lou Summers
V.T. and Vicky Tarulis
Allyson J. Teply
George Thiewes
French Thompson
Diane and Gary Tooker
Betty W. Van Denburgh
Irene H. Vasquez and
  Mildred B. Williams
Joan von Germeten
James von Germeten
Ms. Susan von Hellens
William G. and Mary Way
Louis A. and Daryl G. Weil
Naomi and Gerald Weiner
Steve and Ann Wheeler
Carol D. Whiteman
Ronald Wilson and
  Bonnie Naegle-Wilson
Georgia Ray and R. Stephen Wolfe
Robin and Stephen Woodworth
Mares Jan Wright
Judy and Sidney Zuber, M.D.