Exhibition Details

Location: Steele Gallery
Dates: May 2, 2020
to September 20, 2020
SPACE Collection
Steele Gallery
May 2 - August 2, 2020
Phoenix Art Museum is the recipient of a significant gift from Nicholas Pardon, co-founder of the SPACE Collection, the largest collection of post-1990s abstract art from Latin America in the United States. The gift includes 112 artworks by 49 artists from 14 Latin American countries is significant in many ways. The gift adds depth to the Museum’s collection, strengthening its holdings of artworks created in nations previously unrepresented, such as Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay, while also fundamentally fortifying the Museum’s collection of Argentine, Brazilian, Cuban, Mexican, Peruvian, and Venezuelan art. Additionally, the donated works update the Latin American art collection at Phoenix Art Museum, with the majority created between 2001 and 2016. Finally, the significant gift of abstract artworks provides even greater opportunities to foster new understandings about Latin American art in the Phoenix community and beyond. Abstraction as an art form has a long and lasting legacy in the Americas, building upon modernist, concrete, neo-concrete, and kinetic traditions that spanned the 1940s to the late 1970s. Since the 1990s, Latin American abstraction specifically has become a space for critical intervention on pressing social, political, and cultural issues. The increased representation of abstract Latin American art in the Museum’s collection will enable the Phoenix community to experience such works in person. 
The gift from Pardon places the Museum within larger conversations in the art world about the global significance of Latin American art. An exhibition featuring the newly acquired works will open in Spring of 2020. It will offer the diverse Phoenix community the opportunity to learn about the many contributions of Latin American artists to contemporary abstraction, and will feature major works by artists recognized as the pioneers of their generation.
Image credit: Horacio Zabala, Hipótesis para una ecuación (amrillo, azul, marron, verde, rojo) (Hypothesis for an Equation [Yellow, Blue, Brown, Green, and Red]), 2012. Acrylic on canvas, enamel on wood. Gift of Nicholas Pardon. Image courtesy of Nicholas Pardon. 
Image credit: Pia Camil, Espectacular (telón) (Spectacular [Curtain]), 2013. Hand dyed and stitched canvas.  
Image Courtesy of Nicholas Pardon.
Image credit (detail): MIguel Ángel Ríos, Critica Post-colonial #13 (Post-Colonia Criticism #13), 1993. Pleated paper and push pins. Gift of Nicholas Pardon. Image courtesy of Nicholas Pardon. 
Image credit: Darío Escobar, Broken Circle VIII, 2013. Plastic and steel. Gift of Nicholas Pardon. Image Courtesy of the artist and Nils Steerk, Copenhagen. Photograph: Andres Asturias. 

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