Exhibition Details

Location: Lyon Gallery
Dates: April 13, 2013
to May 19, 2013

Each year, Contemporary Forum (CF) – a support organization that champions contemporary art at Phoenix Art Museum – awards up to seven grants to emerging artists working in Arizona. Since 1986, CF has bestowed $198,300 to 153 Arizona artists. The recipients are selected by a jury in a competitive process from a pool of applicants who answer an annual open call. Funds are made available through The Nathan Cummings Foundation with matching funds from Contemporary Forum.

The work of selected artists is exhibited in a group show the following year. The work of the 2012 Contemporary Forum Artists Grant recipients will be on display in the Lyon Gallery at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Please join us at the Museum on Wednesday, May 8 to celebrate this exhibition, meet the artists, hear a talk by the 2012 Mid-career Artist Award winner Annie Lopez and witness the presentation of 2013 winner at the Contemporary Forum Artists Grant Awards.


2012 CF Artist Grant Winner’s Biographies

James Angel
Arizona native James Angel has been a part of the Phoenix art scene for 15 years, presenting work in media such as acrylics painting, sculptures and monoprinting, often portraying nostalgic, pop-styled imagery. Angel is a founding member of 3CarPileUp, a Phoenix-based artist collective.

Kristin Bauer
Kristin Bauer’s work focuses on words and images meant to challenge and shift paradigms. Bauer recently earned her Master of Arts from Ottawa University and has received numerous awards for her work.

Carolyn Lavender
Carolyn Lavender creates animal portraits in graphite, illustrations of collages and wood scenes made to engage the viewer in maintained eye contact. Lavender is a founding member of the Eye Lounge, an artist space in Phoenix.

Irma Sanchez
Irma Sanchez is an Arizona native with a penchant for creating political work inspired by the current events. Her work includes postcards of Arizona, masks made of papier-mâché and royal cream icing, and flags created patchwork-like quilts.

Karolina Sussland
Karolina Sussland graduated from Arizona State University with a BFA in 2000 and since then has been an active member of the Phoenix art scene. Her work includes paintings, drawings and, more recently, digital location-based art in alternative spaces.

Nic Wiesinger
A recent addition to the Phoenix art scene, Nic Wiesinger works in multiple media including audio, video, books, web-based interactive relational art (such as Archipelago), and two-dimensional scans and manipulations. Wiesinger recently completed his MFA in Intermedia Art at Arizona State University.

Paul S. Wilson
Paul S. Wilson uses humor and whimsy in his mixed media work with miniature collaborator Wee Harvey Oddball. His ‘50s-inspired style utilizes video, audio and collage.


Image Credits

Left: Irma Sanchez, Bumpy Sleep Motion Stance, 2013. Mixed Media. Right: James Angel, Deconstruction, 2012. Acrylic on panel.