Exhibition Details

Location: Norton Photography Gallery
Dates: November 30, 2008
to March 8, 2009


"....Connor delivers stunning photographs"
Phoenix New Times

Following the transporting experience of Edward Weston: Mexico, which closes on November 15, the Norton Gallery will continue to offer an escape into the world of photography with an aesthetic exploration of sacred spaces. Odyssey: The Photographs of Linda Connor is an artist-designed installation, offering spiritual and meditative experiences to those who enter the gallery.

Traveling around the world, contemporary photographer Linda Connor seeks places and traditions that convey such intangible qualities as time, faith, and spirituality. Her photographs connect these ethereal concepts to specific locales and to the natural world. She has worked extensively in India, Indonesia, Turkey, Cambodia, Egypt, Tibet, and the American Southwest. Included in the exhibition of more than 70 photographs are some of Connor’s best known images from the past three decades, along with more recent works that have had little public exposure.

Connor’s work intimately links imagery and technique. Her use of a large-format view camera allows her to achieve remarkable clarity and rich detail; frequently using long exposures, Connor captures movement and suggests the passage of time. Her photographs, created by direct contact of the 8x10-inch negative on printing-out paper, are exposed and developed in her garden using sunlight. Toned with gold chloride, each print has a warmth, luminosity, and delicacy seldom found in standard photographic printing.