Exhibition Details

Location: Steele Gallery
Dates: June 12, 2009
to September 20, 2009


Locals Only features 12 Chicano and Latino artists based in the metropolitan-Phoenix area whose contemporary works explore issues of identity, the tension between high and low culture and the shifts between representational and conceptual art practices. Included in the exhibition are paintings, sculptures, installations, prints, and photographs by Claudio Dicochea, Fausto Fernandez, Luis Gutierrez, Annie Lopez, Melissa Martinez, Monica Aissa Martinez, Martin Moreno, Hector Ruiz, Roy Wasson Valle and DOSE, Lalo Cota and Mykil ZEPata.

Locals Only is about locality. Things individually perceived and mapped. It is a platform for the distinct voices of 12 artists and a snapshot of the diverse types of work being created by Chicano and Latino artists here in the Valley. The artists careers span over three decades and their experiences, interests and backgrounds are very different. Some have formal art educations, some are self taught. This exhibition charts shifts between generations as well as between conceptual and representational approaches to art-making, but it demonstrates that divides are not always so clear. Identity – both personal and social – is essential to much of the work. Many artists also demonstrate a keen interest in revising art history and working with a diversity of popular culture – mass media, social customs, traditional forms and comics.

Locals Only was organized against the backdrop of Phantom Sightings: Art After the Chicano Movement.
Locals Only explores how Arizona artists deal with parallel themes and issues.

This exhibition is organized by Phoenix Art Museum.

Support provided by Maxine Marshall and the late Jonathan Marshall and the Marshall Endowment, Contemporary Forum, and Treg Bradley.