Arts Integration & Appetizers

Jan 7, 2015, 6pm
Reading Portraits: Integrating portraits into the social studies and language arts curriculum Examine how portraits can be viewed as biographies that communicate significant details about their subject, and about the time and place in which they were created. Session will include gallery visits and a hands-on, art experience. RSVP to

Arts Integration & Appetizers

Feb 4, 2015, 6pm
The Power of Observation Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester includes 360 illustrative drawings and diagrams primarily exploring the themes of water, lunar observation, with additional observations including marine fossils, subtle movement of grasses and the dynamics of gunshots. Learn to apply close observation and observational drawing techniques to classroom curriculum. Session will include a visit to the special exhibition and a hands-on activity. Reserve your seat! RSVP to

Thinking in Pictures

Feb 21, 2015, 9am
Teacher Professional Development Workshop Wolfswinkel Education Building Our brains are wired to rapidly make sense of and remember visual input. Visualizations in the form of diagrams, charts, drawings, pictures, and a variety of other forms can help students understand complex information. A well-designed visual image can yield a much more powerful and memorable learning experience than a verbal or textual description. Today, “applied visual thinking” (aka "doodling") is recognized as an important skill. Studies have shown that doodling can free up short and long-term memory, improve content retention and increase attention span. It can also produce creative insight and develop critical thinking skills. This day-l... (View more)

Arts Integration & Appetizers

Mar 4, 2015, 6pm
Everyone’s a Critic: Developing and Defending an Informed Opinion When viewing an artwork for the first time, we all  experience a response that is intuitive, personal and often purely emotional. This response shapes much of what we value – our likes and dislikes, and is key to formulating our critical and aesthetic responses. Identify techniques for moving students beyond their initial response to establish and articulate their own informed critical point of view relating to a work of art, and learn how these skills can be applied across the curriculum. Emphasis is on the use of art criticism in teaching critical thinking skills and effective persuasive communication. Session will be held in the Museum’s Lemon Art Rese... (View more)

Arts Integration & Appetizers

Apr 1, 2015, 6pm
Incorporating Contemporary Art into Your Classroom Curriculum Contemporary artists regularly include historical or archival research, writing, scientific inquiry, engineering, math, and technology in their work, making these objects perfect launch pads for lessons across the curriculum. Learn how to incorporate the work of living artists into your teaching practice, regardless of subject area. Session will include a visit to the Katz Contemporary Wing and a hands-on art activity in the Museum Studio. Reserve your seat! RSVP to  

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