The Logan Lecture Series brings outstanding Latin American artists to Phoenix to give public lectures on their practice and engage with our community.

In 2017-2018, the series affords our visitors direct contact with four of the most innovative Brazilian artists working today. These artist talks take place within the context of two major exhibitions of contemporary Brazilian art at Phoenix Art Museum: Past/Future/Present: Contemporary Brazilian Art From The Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo, and Valeska Soares: Any Moment Now.

Featured artists Laura Lima, Vik Muniz, Jac Leirner, and Valeska Soares embrace different means of art-making, but all are internationally renowned for their radical innovations and experimental approaches to artistic practice, which they will explore in their talks.

The 2017-2018 Logan Lecture Series will be held at Phoenix Art Museum's Whiteman Hall.
Tickets are $5 for non-Members and free for Members.
Spaces are limited and expected to sell out prior to the lecture, advance purchase is recommended.

Available at tickets.phxart.org
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Generously sponsored by Kent and Vicki Logan

Logan Lecture Series: Laura Lima
Wednesday, October 11 | 6:30 P.M.


Pioneering artist Laura Lima’s works create situations of encounter and complicity between actor and spectator, pushing the boundaries of how visitors experience art in museum spaces. She characterizes her works as “not performance, not installation, not cinema.” Rather, she always acts as “an artist who is not present,” instead “constructing an atmosphere for others to perform” by engaging participants to interact directly with visitors in the gallery. 

Laura Lima, Palhaço com buzina reta - monte de irónicos (Clown With Impartial Horn – Mountain of Ironies), 2007. Paper mache mask and oil pencil, clown clothing fabric, tulle collar, leather shoes, horn, and pvc tubes. Photo: Rafael Roncato.




Logan Lecture Series: Vik Muniz
Wednesday, November 8 | 6:30 P.M. PURCHASE TICKETS

Photographer and mixed-media artist Vik Muniz is renowned for his visionary engagement with conceptual photography and international art histories. Creative appropriation and subtle subversions are consistent strategies that define his work. He is best known for repurposing everyday materials into intricate recreations of canonical artworks, which he photographs before destroying the originals.

Vik Muniz, The Descent From the Cross (After Caravaggio), 2000. Color photograph (Cibachrome). MAM-SP Contemporary Nucleus Acquisition. Photo: Romulo Fialdini.





Logan Lecture Series: Jac Leirner
Wednesday, December 13 | 6:30 P.M.

Since the mid-1980s, Jac Leirner has created vivid, serial configurations by collecting, ordering, and thus reframing banal consumer leftovers—ranging from airplane napkins to shopping bags—into stunning assemblages that comment on commercialism and also reference global trends of minimalist, abstract, and geometric art. Working with an incisive sense of humor, Leirner appropriates and recontextualizes the things we buy and throw away.

Jac Leirner, Pulmão (Lung), 1987. Cellophane, cigarette box wrapper mounted in acrylic box. Gift of Ricardo Resende in Memory of João Rezende. Photo: Romulo Fialdini.


Logan Lecture Series: Valeska Soares

Valeska Soares creates minimalistic artworks that encourage visitor participation. Through installation and assemblage, she engages with international art traditions and world literature. In her multifaceted art, she demonstrates a fascination with space and time, as well as what occurs beyond their perceived limits. Soares’ environmental installations incorporate the effects of reflection, light, entropy, and even scent. Her assemblages of book pages, covers, and bindings weave meanings between disparate texts that viewers connect conceptually by association. Exploring themes of memory, time, and the sensorial, Soares’ poetic works fuse and expand upon the languages of post-minimalism and conceptual art, while also actively engaging the spectator.

Valeska Soares, Untitled (from Detour), 2004. Serigraph on mirror. Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo Collection, Gift of the artist through the MAM Engraving Collectors Club. Photo by Edouard Fraipont.



Lia Chaia, Minhocão (detail), 2006.