Contemporary Forum 2016 Summer Film Festival: Art and Craft

Aug 17, 2016, 6:30pm
Join us for the free Contemporary Forum Summer Film Series. This summer features two exciting films offered free and open to the public, both of which weave fascinating stories of art and forgery. The second film of the series, Art and Craft, explores the life of prolific American art forger, Mark Landis. Landis’s body of work spans 30 years, and covers multiple styles and periods such as fifteenth-century icons, Pablo Picasso, and even Walt Disney. Landis isn’t in it for the money and donates his forgeries to museums across the country. In 2007, he is caught after duping Matthew Leininger, a tenacious registrar at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, who sets out to expose Landis and his philanthropic obsessions to the art world, and in doin... (View more)

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