Ikebana of Arizona

Dec 5, 2014, 10am Dec 6, 2014, 10am 1 More Engagement(s) Available
Art of Asia Gallery The Museum is delighted to welcome back Ikebana of Arizona for the 36th annual presentation of flower arrangements in the Asian Gallery of Phoenix Art Museum! Ikebana, literally "living flowers," is an ancient, disciplined art. Said to have begun in China, flower-arranging arrived in Japan with the introduction of Buddhism in the 6th century. Over time, the art form shed its religious mantle and came to be practiced by people from many levels of society.  The strict rules and prescribed formal techniques that are a hallmark of most Japanese art forms serve as the foundation for the symbolic meanings inherent in ikebana, such as the unity of opposites and, ultimately, the harmonious ba... (View more)

First Friday at Phoenix Art Museum

Dec 5, 2014, 6pm
Enjoy a cool Phoenix night at the museum with drinks from ArTenders and live music by Elvis Before Noon! Music starts at 7:00 p.m. Exhibitions on view: The West Select: A Western Art Invitational Sale and Exhibition - $5 for adults, $3 for youth after 6 p.m. Vanitas: Contemporary Reflections on Love and Death from the Collection of Stéphane Janssen - Free after 6 p.m. All That Glitters is Not Gold: Platinum Photography from the Center for Creative Photography - Free after 6 p.m. Don Coen: The Migrant Series - Free after 6 p.m. Fashioned In America - Free after 6 p.m. Sacred Stories and Images of the Buddha: The Vessantara Jataka Scroll - Free after... (View more)

Make It!

Dec 17, 2014, 5:30pm
Great Hall Create personalized fashions inspired by Fashioned in America.  Free for #FreeWednesday!

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