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July 2012
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Film & Performance
July 18, 7pm
CF's Summer Film Series: Exit Through The Gift Shop

National Theatre Live: Salomé

Oct 22, 2017, 2pm
$15 for Museum Members and students with ID $18 for non-Members   Does not include general admission The story has been told before, but never like this. An occupied desert nation. A radical from the wilderness on hunger strike. A girl whose mysterious dance will change the course of the world. This charged retelling turns the infamous biblical tale on its head, placing the girl we call Salomé at the centre of a revolution. Internationally acclaimed theatre director Yaël Farber (Les Blancs) draws on multiple accounts to create her urgent, hypnotic production on the stage of the National Theatre.  National Theatre Live is a simulcast/telecast and not a live performance at the Museum.  

Housekeeping: Preparing Your Art for the Future

Oct 24, 2017, 12pm Oct 24, 2017, 4pm
Works of art survive the ravages of time only through dedication of constant care.  Preservation efforts ensure the art will be enjoyed by future generations. This seminar will help you understand the process of how gifts of art are made and received. Laura Wenzel, Registrar at Phoenix Art Museum, will outline the Museum’s process of gifting art, compliance with IRS requirements, donor guidance, conservation efforts and stewardship. Gifts of art are welcomed by the Museum if consistent with the focus of our collections and our commitment to excellence. And, to help with the fine-tuning of your estate plan, we also present a panel discussion of 3 professionals discussing tricky valuations, market unpredictability, planning and admin... (View more)

Members' Make It! Shadow Play

Oct 28, 2017, 10:30am
Calling young artists (ages 5-12) and their caregivers! Investigate how shadows are cast!  View Regina Silveira’s Meret Oppenheim com sombra peluda (Meret Oppenheim with Furry Shadow) in the Past/Future/Present exhibition to gather inspiration. Construct your own shadow sculpture that deceives the eye.  Studio seating is limited and RSVP is required. Please contact or 602.257.2124 with questions. For more Members' events, please click here. *Family through Fellow-level Members are welcome. Image Credits Regina Silveira, Meret Oppenheim com sombra peluda (Meret Oppenheim with Furry Shadow), 1993. Wood and synthetic hair. Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo Collection, Gift of the artist. Photo b... (View more)

Art Lovers Book Club: The Art of Rivalry by Sebastian Smee

Nov 1, 2017, 1pm Nov 1, 2017, 5:30pm 2 More Engagement(s) Available
The Art of Rivalry by Sebastian Smee A famous portrait of Francis Bacon brazenly stolen off a museum wall. Manet stabbing through an image of his wife painted for him by Degas. Lucian Freud declining a wedding invitation because he found himself “in the unusual position of having been involved sexually not only with the bride but also the groom and the groom’s mother.” Juicy details like these dot a new book by the Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Sebastian Smee. But Mr. Smee is ultimately after something more subtle — though no less gripping — in “The Art of Rivalry,” a study of the creative tensions embedded in four separate friendships between artists — Manet and Degas, Matisse and Picasso, de Ko... (View more)