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Make It! is a hands-on art-making space for all ages and abilities. Join Phoenix-based artists and museum staff to be inspired by works of art from the Museum’s collection or current exhibitions. 

Each month features a different object and art-making technique, and a chance to explore new materials, perspectives, and ways of connecting with art. This special Saturday edition of Make It! is inspired by the current exhibition Wondrous Worlds.

Join artist Sadaf Alam to explore Islamic patterns inspired by nature, and create your own design to take home. 
Wall Tile with Turquoise Saz Leaf, Blue Hyacinth, and Sections of Red and Blue Palmettes, Iznik, Turkey, late 16th or early 17th century, Ottoman Period (1299–1922). Fritware polychrome painted over white slip under transparent glaze. Newark Museum Purchase.

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