Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

This film, based on a video game, stands as a major milestone in computer-generated imagery. This purely computer generated film fooled early viewers into thinking the characters were real actors. The concept of the story is not based on one specific game but it does involve the common theme of futuristic battle. Set on Earth in 2056, the human species is pretty much wiped out by a meteor that has crashed onto the planet, unleashing millions of alien creatures. The few survivors of the disaster have retreated to barrier cities built to protect the inhabitants of Earth from the invaders. Even with the protective measure, many of the cities are still in trouble. The hero comes in the form of brilliant Dr. Aki Ross, who, along with her ragtag team of soldiers, are the Earth's last hope of survival. This film was the culmination of years of effort by a group of talented artists-and raised the bar for computer animation and fantasy storytelling for the decade that followed.

Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within featured an all-star voice cast (Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Peri Gilpin, Ving Rhames, Donald Sutherland, and James Woods) and was one of the first films to blur the lines between video games and cinema.

"A wholly entertaining and thoughtful flick." - Joshua Tyler, FilmCritic.Com

Runtime: 100 min. Watch trailer here.

Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within is being shown in conjunction with The Art of Video Games on view June 16 – September 29.

Cost: FREE for Museum Members, $5 Non-members. Tickets available here.

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