Talk: Nine Smooth Miles to El Centro with scott b. davis

7:00—8:30 P.M.
Singer Hall
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Photographer scott b. davis will discuss the photograph Dead Man, Colorado Desert (1937) by Edward WestonWeston made the photograph, depicting a drifter named Grover Sutton, during a Guggenheim-funded cross-country road trip with his partner, Charis Wilson. Fastened to a stake on a nearly-deserted road through the Colorado Desert, the couple found a note asking for help. They followed the note’s direction to an abandoned stagecoach station, where they found Sutton dead. He had been trying to cross the desert on foot. scott b. davis researched Weston’s photograph and found, visited, and rephotographed the site where it was made.
Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Longer Ways to Go: Photography of the American Road.
About scott b. davis

Scott B. Davis (born 1971) is an American photographer known for his black and white images of the Southern California landscape. Davis, who writes his name foregoing capitalization, utilizes a century-old platinum printing process and self-built camera to make 16" x 20" contact prints.


Image: Edward Weston, Dead Man, Colorado Desert, 1937 © 1981 Center for Creative Photography. Arizona Board of Regents.

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