Make It!: Cubic Space

Join Phoenix-based sculptor Miguel Cardona to explore space and volume. Gather inspiration directly from the architecture of Phoenix Art Museum, and consider the space’s interior and exterior design as you build your own 3-D construction. 

About the Artist:
Miguel Cardona was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. While studying at ASU, Miguel spent two years working at Bollinger Atelier, one the nation’s leading fine art foundries. He was professionally trained in all aspects of the foundry casting process. Miguel is now working to combine wood with casting process to give metal a more organic quality. He is the studio manager of Vesper Sculpture and Design Studio and also works at Lagomm studios, a collaborative artist studio.

Instagram: @miggyart

About Make It!

Make It! is a monthly drop-in, family-friendly, hands on art-making activity for all. Each month features a different activity inspired by objects in the Museum’s collection or current exhibitions and collaborations with different local artists to create activities that introduce participants to new materials, perspectives and ways of connecting.

Make It! is free and part of #PhxArtFamily and #FreeAfterThree Wednesdays (each Wednesday, general admission is free from 3 - 9 pm).

Image credit: Image courtesy of Phoenix Art Museum.

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