Ikebana of Arizona

Phoenix Art Museum is delighted to welcome back Ikebana of Arizona for the 35th annual presentation of flower arrangements in the Asian Gallery!

Ikebana, literally "living flowers," is an ancient, disciplined art. Said to have begun in China, flower-arranging arrived in Japan with the introduction of Buddhism in the 6th century. Over time, the art form shed its religious mantle and came to be practiced by people from many levels of society. The strict rules and prescribed formal techniques that are a hallmark of most Japanese art forms serve as the foundation for the symbolic meanings inherent in ikebana, such as the unity of opposites and, ultimately, the harmonious balance between heaven, earth and humanity. Unlike the Western idea of floral arrangement as a collection of colorful blooms, ikebana accentuates other areas of the plant, such as its stems and leaves, drawing emphasis toward shape, line and form, embracing the spare, poetic beauty of line.   

Different ikebana schools and styles are represented in this exhibition; arrangements by Valley ikebana teachers and their students are on display. Ikebana of Arizona members are also on hand throughout the weekend to share more about this unique art form.

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