Film: Boogie Woogie

An all-star cast has wicked fun in skewering the pretentions and superficiality of the art world in this comic romp by director Duncan Ward!
Gillian Anderson is a cougar on the prowl for a new boy-toy; Heather Graham is an ambitious assistant who will do anything to advance her career; Alan Cumming is a hapless dealer with too much decency for his own good; Danny Huston is a rapacious dealer; and Christopher Lee is the owner of the priceless work of art titled "Boogie Woogie" that they all circle with naked desire. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but art ALWAYS has a price.
2010. Run time: 94 minutes. Rated R.
This film screening is part of the 2018 Contemporary Forum Film Festival: The Art of Satire
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Sponsored by Contemporary Forum and Lisa Sette Gallery.
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