Artist Talk: Julio César Morales

Artist Talk: Julio César Morales
Wednesday, May 29th 
Marshall/Hendler Galleries 
In-gallery artist talk with Scult Award Recipient, Julio César Morales.
Curator, educator, and artist Julio César Morales places an emphasis on interdisciplinary work and the social power of art. Using a variety of mediums, Morales addresses issues such as immigration, identity, diversity, and politics. He has exhibited work all over the world, including a recent solo exhibition in Mexico City in 2016. Some of his notable works include a watercolor series on human trafficking, which as been ongoing since 2005. His art has been published in The New York Times as well as several art-centric publications, and can be found in both museum and private collections. Morales has also received a multitude of awards for his work. Currently, Julio César Morales curates for the Arizona State University Art Museum. 

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