PhxArt Project: CityScape | Performance by Steven Redondo Duo

From November 24 through January 7, Phoenix Art Museum will take over a retail space at the CityScape complex and will host a special installation, performances, pop-up shop, and more, during the annual CitySkate ice-skating event in downtown Phoenix. The space is called PhxArt Project: CityScape and we look forward to seeing you there!

This durational piece will contain athletic, continuous, and repetitive movements. Almost as a routine, living "pedestrian" lives will slowly become less and less fulfilling and more tiring. Noticeably, the mover becomes exhausted, creating confusion and unsteady movement qualities. Eventually, the movement becomes minimal to none, allowing the mover to begin a state of rest. Once revived with energy, the routine starts all over again.
Exploring and performing pedestrian/gestural movements allows for the audience to relate to the movers on much more personal level. This gives the audience a chance to really engage with the performance, the space, the sounds, with each other, the installation and also with themselves. This engagement allows for a much more fulfilling experience.
This concept is also very adaptable. When presented multiple times, the movement contract will change. This gives room for multiple interpretations within the project, again giving the audience more reason to be engaged. This also keeps the a sense of freshness for the movers to strip away old movement habits and explore new ones.

Please note: this performance will take place at CityScape located in downtown Phoenix at 1 E. Washington next door to Charming Charlie and across from CitySkate.


PhxArt Project: CityScape is organized by Phoenix Art Museum, and is made possible through the generosity of CityScape Phoenix and Ambassador Group Insurance.



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