First Friday - December 2019

From 6–10 pm on the first Friday of each month, Phoenix Art Museum is open to the public with voluntary donation admission. Share your First Friday experience: @phxart #phxartff

December 6 will be a College Night!  

Wavering Ancient Earth Tree
Estrella Mountain Community College
The Fractured Pi/MTI Club is creating a grand artistic statement about climate change and the role that our daily distractions play in our blindness to world-threatening conditions. In this endeavor, we are creating a surrealistic artistic interpretation in order to create an alternative perception on this global phenomenon by animating a large two-story projection of a willow tree swaying in the wind. Embedded in the roots will be four widescreen televisions highlighting the mundane 21st century tasks that people cannot seem to stop doing: cooking, driving, web sur¬fing and reading that will be portrayed by one actor in each of the virtual scenes on the televisions.
One Week's Notice: Affordable Housing and Evictions 
Sociology 101
Estrella Mountain Community College 
Sociology 101 students have created an art display to create social awareness on the lack of affordable housing. They researched and learned about this topic through documentaries, a guest speaker, websites, and a research assignment. Each group received a blank canvas which is an item from a home (cabinet door, table, pans, a lampshade, a laundry basket, frames, etc). The students decided in their groups which supplies to use to make a statement about the lack of affordable housing. Each art piece shares a unique message. 
Draping demonstration by Eli Macias 6 - 9 pm
Watch the process of designing and sculpting silhouettes with textiles and other unconventional materials such as recycled products. 
Dan Beale 6 - 9 pm
Live painting with Phoenix artist Daniel Beale. 
DJ Korey Wade 6 - 9pm
Korey Wade is a talented producer based in Phoenix, AZ. Wade’s music is rich with soul and full of colorful sampling and bright melodies. 
ASU dance | 6 - 6:30 pm
ASU student artists are looking forward to the opportunity to share a full term of creative and physical research with First Friday audiences.  Each original dance work illuminates the human experience through movement in a way that is truly unique.  Enjoy the power, precision and passion of ASU Dance students on December 6.
Performances include:
“Presence” by Tori Ward
“Marcel” by Shannon Smith
“In the general direction of the unknown” by Carley Conder
“Duo Arias” by Laurie Eisenhower
Estrella Mountain Community College Dance | 7-7:30 pm
DancEstrella, the student performing company of Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) will present dances from their recent production of The Little Things. Under the artistic direction of faculty member, Janaea Lyn McAlee, the work by dance majors offers a range of interpretations on the theme. 
Performances include: 
“True Reality” choreographed by Anthony Castro
“Child’s Play” choreographed by Alizé Rojas
“Disconnect” choreographed by Dalýlá Bates
“Shhh” choreographed  by Annisa Reed.
“Awareness” choreographed by Carissa Salgado-Garcia and Jade Teller
 “Incendiary” choreographed by Camryn Cruz and Audrey Rodriguez
“Familiar Bonds” choreographed by Marisol Calvillo and Jeremy Newman
Whether you prefer a cortado or a latte, iced or hot, caffeinated or decaf, TileBar Espresso has the drinks to fuel your Friday night.  



Phoenix Art Museum is one of five Artlink Phoenix First Friday Trolley hubsPark and enjoy the Museum then take the trolley tour and explore all the downtown Phoenix arts and culture destinations. The Museum is conveniently located by the Central and McDowell Valley Metro Lightrail station.
First Fridays at Phoenix Art Museum are generously sponsored by Macy's.
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