*SOLD OUT* Special Film Installation of SOULS

Join us for a guided screening experience of SOULS with director Malakai hosting a post-film Q&A as part of the Artist Grants exhibition.
SOULS is a visual exhibition, photographic art & and film installation that captures the totality of mortality, blackness and Afro-futurism. 
Through the lens of a child, we attach the isolation of death and mortality, combined with an exploration of space and afro-futurism. Attached within the exploration of mortality, we search the African-Diaspora for clues of what goes on within the "beyond". This film and installation was inspired by the passing of my late grand-mother. Her resilience and strength was linear, within the fact that it not only allowed me to love my blackness freely - but it allowed me to see it clearly. Mortality it is a gift AND the afterlife - is a celebration.
Souls attaches the meaning of the stars to mortality. The death of a star forms something else, a phenomena...The Nova. Through Souls, we capture and travel through loss and the visceral connection of what it means to truly, deteriorate.
Please note: tickets only guarantee seating 10 minutes prior to scheduled showtime start.
*See SOULS beginning Saturday, June 15 playing on a loop in Whiteman hall as part of the Artist Grants exhibition included with general admission.  

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