The Propeller Group, AK-47 vs. M16, The Film

As part of The Propeller Group, AK-47 vs M16, The Film will be screened at Whiteman Hall every Friday for the duration of the exhibition.

Guns are an ongoing motif in The Propeller Group's work. In various projects, the artists position the gun as a symbol of violence and a protagonist in historical visualizations of war, as suggested by AK-47 vs. M16, The Film, which presents firearms—the AK-47, produced by the Soviet military, and the American made M16—as stars of a feature-length montage, edited together from a variety of sources including Hollywood movies, promotional videos, documentaries, news reportage, and YouTube clips. AK-47 vs. M16, The Film examines how these two famed assault rifles have been inscribed in the popular imagination through Hollywood movies such as Platoon, Rambo, and Forrest Gump. While these films have cemented the association of these two weapons with a battle between East and West, the arena of conflict for these weapons has grown more geographically dispersed and ideologically ambiguous.

Free for Museum members and included with Museum general admission.

Image Credit

Designed by Erick Buckman and painted by Lê Hải Tâm, Movie Poster for AK-47 vs. M16, The Film, 2016. Hand-painted movie poster on unstretched canvas. Courtesy of The Propeller Group and James Cohan, New York.


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