By Teens: Sustainability on the Runway

By Teens: Sustainability on the runway
March 1 | 7 – 9 pm
Open to high school and college students
Workshops 7 – 8:30 PM
Walk the runway at 8:30 PM
Show off the ways you customize, upcycle, and thrift to create fashion that’s uniquely yours. Meet other fab creators, and learn new ways to inventively reuse materials to make sustainable wear, drawing on designs in ultracontemporary that make use of fabric scraps, as well as work by other artists in the collection who use found or repurposed materials. 
This event is divided into two components: a workshop and a fashion show. You can choose to participate in both or just one of the two parts.
The workshop will focus on thinking about sustainability in fashion and making conscious decisions about where our clothes come from, as well as finding inspiration for reducing, recycling, and reusing in ways that augment your style. 
The fashion show is all about celebrating you and everything you already do that combines fashion and sustainability, so bring your best thrift store finds, your proudest DIYs, and your favorite creation inspired by Project Runway’s unconventional material challenges (trashion, anyone?).
Or just come and show your support. See you at the Museum!
Teen programs are made possible through the generosity of Thunderbirds Charities, the Craig R. and Barbara M. Barrett Foundation, APS, the Alice and Jim Bazlen and Jane A. Lehman Foundation, and John and Erin Gogolak. The Diversifying Art Museum Leadership Initiative is supported by the Walton Family Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

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