PhxArt Project: CityScape 2018

From November 23 through January 6, three interdisciplinary artists share their work in the CityScape complex during the annual CitySkate ice-skating season in downtown Phoenix. 

Together, the projects known as PhxArt Project: CityScape include a mirrored plexiglass sculpture inspired by a passage from The New Colossus—the poem on the base of the Statue of Liberty welcoming immigrants to the United States—by Sam Fresquez, a site-specific video installation (best viewed after sunset) by Kenaim Al-Shatti, and after December 2, a work of textile and ink created by the Museum's Arts Engagement Program participants led by Tessa Windt.

Phoenix Art Museum visitors can pick up a $5 off coupon at the Museum's Visitor Services desk for CitySkate now through January 6 or while supplies last. One coupon per person.

Text Gathering was generated through conversations by participants in the fall 2018 session of Phoenix Art Museum’s Arts Engagement Program. Participants were invited to respond to open-ended questions like ‘What do you wish for? Do you prefer to send or receive mail? How do you like to start the day?’ Reflecting on these conversations, participants distilled and reproduced their words to study the impact of material, context, and scale on our understanding of text. These banners offer new combinations that spark further poetic possibilities and a window into the imaginations of people living with dementia and their care partners.

Currently, Arts Engagement Program is supported In Honor of Helen L. Wolfe and the Shawn and Joe Lampe Fund.

Power Off
January 6, 2019
2 pm
Power Off is a meditative workshop structured around the space of the screen, specifically the mobile device. Using the solar-powered charging station at CityScape as a hub, Mikey Foster Estes will lead participants through the dynamics of being a part of a group in public while simultaneously being encapsulated by an electronic device. Participants will use their own mobile devices to engage in a series of communal and contemplative exercises that explore the screen as a both an extension of the body and as a symbolic barrier that disconnects us from our surroundings. Instead of the screen being a thing that diverts our attention from one another, it will become an object of collective focus and reflection.
Mikey Foster Estes is an artist whose practice is rooted in the everyday and spans across the disciplines of performance, photography, sculpture, video, and writing. 

See CitySkate's day-by-day schedule here. PhxArt Project: CityScape is organized by Phoenix Art Museum, and is made possible through the generosity of Red Development.

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