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Crossing 32nd Street, Phoenix’s premier contemporary music ensemble, will present a concert entitled Sound/Image at Phoenix Art Museum this First Friday, June 5th.

The concert will feature live electroacoustic and percussion works with video and interactive media.

The event will showcase the recent work by several local artists. Barry Moon’s Snare Alchemy 2.0 for snare drum and robot, Jeremy Muller’s maraca tour-de-force Music for Botany and a sextet version Casey Farina’s hypnotic force.line.border will be presented.

Also included are two works for live music and video fixed multi-media. Wail by Pulitzer prize-winning composer John Luther Adams pairs air-raid siren siren and electronics with video by Natalia Jaeger. Hee Sook Kim and Christopher Shultis’ collaboration Oniero for percussion trio and video will be presented following its American Composer’s Alliance New York debut this past Spring.

Crossing 32nd Street will also debut its new trio version of Yannis Kyriakides’ analog ode Telegraphic, performing on Morse telegraphic keys. Finally, Dr. Muller will present Matthew Burtner’s Glisten of Places, commissioned by the performer via an Arizona Commission on the Arts grant. The piece uses recordings of rarely heard or never-heard places – the inside of a fire ant hill for example, or gas bubbles escaping from a molten asphalt lake. The GPS location for each soundscape is encoded in the music.

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