2012 Stylos Awards

Red Carpet - 6pm
Awards Ceremony - 7pm
Great Hall

Stylos is a unique awards ceremony through which the talent of people in Arizona is recognized and celebrated. Journalists, athletes, activists, entrepreneurs, artists and others are honored on this night that brings together people of all ages, and colors. Attendees of the event enjoy musical acts by local bands, feast in food provided by local restaurateurs, see the latest trends of local designers in its "half time" fashion show and get to meet the honorees that are making a difference in our communities. All is local! Best of all, Stylos attendees don't only get to enjoy a night of fashion, music and recognition unlike any other in the city, they also make a difference just by purchasing a ticket. All proceeds from the event go towards the creation of scholarships for Latino students attempting to achieve a higher education. Stylos Awards is sponsored by Phoenix Art Museum and organized by the Isac Amaya Foundation, a local organization whose mission is to increase the enrollment of minority and economically disadvantaged students in higher education institutions in Arizona and around the country.

More information concerning the organization can be found at http://stylosawards.com

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