Open Voice: Teens Rising

Open Voice celebrates powerful, diverse voices from our city as they share their insights, stories, and perspectives on topics ranging from personal identity to contemporary issues. Join Phoenix-based teens for a fast-paced, personalized tour of artworks that speak to them in the third installment of this series. Hear multiple points of view, explore our collections, and dialogue with our guests:

COURTNEY MITCHELL, speaking about a print by Chilean artist Roberto Matta on view in Poetry in Motion
 "Hello! I'm Courtney Mitchell, I go to Perry Highschool, I'm on the Teen Art Council. I love working at the Phoenix Art Museum, because I am passionate about the arts and I am very much looking forward to speaking at this event and expressing myself through story telling."
Russell Prim AKA Rozotadi is an ASU Freshman studying Global Studies. Tadi is an up and coming Producer and Recording Artist that believes art is a language that transcends mere words. Something that inspires him is his peers and their hunger for change. Their hunger ultimately pushes him to continue to create thought provoking art whether that be through music or 3-D design.
GISELA HERNANDEZspeaking about Valeska Soares's Unhinged (Trastornado)
"My name is Gizela Hernandez. I am a Xicana writer, poet, y feminista.  My writings are often about my family, its history, and the ways in which I have grown and reclaimed myself as a woman.  As a fifth generation Mexican American I feel that it is my duty to tell my story and the stories of my family; so that those who fear their own story isn’t worth telling won’t go unwritten or unheard. I create art in every aspect of my life so that I will not lose sight of myself, the places I have been, the places I will go, and the people I have been graced with along the way.  I do not create art to satisfy my own longing, rather I create a reflection of my soul and mind in hopes someone will read or hear my words and not feel so alone in this world.  After all, we are merely angels in fragile shells."
MARCO ERIBES, speaking about Louise Nevelson's Royal Tide V
Marco is a senior at Arizona School for the Arts. He wants to pursue a career involving computer technology, and loves to play and listen to music on his free time. 
EMILY BLAKE, speaking about Kehinde Wiley's Marechal Floriano Peixoto
Emily Blake is 18 and a senior at Arizona School for the Arts. She is an activist involved with community organizations such as Planned Parenthood of Arizona and is a member of Phoenix Art Museum Teen Art Council. 
This event is free and open to the public and part of #FreeAfterThree Wednesdays programming, when general admission is free from 3 until 9 pm each Wednesday.  

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