Discount Tire Free Family Sunday November 2019

Discount Tire Free Family Sunday: November 10, 2019, Noon – 5 pm
Domingo Familiar Gratuitio de Discount Tire: el 10 de noviembre, 2019, mediodía - 5 pm
Through the generosity of Discount Tire, general admission to Phoenix Art Museum is waived and admission to the special-engagement exhibition is discounted from noon – 5 pm on the second Sunday of the month.  Visitors of all ages are invited to join us for art-making, scavenger hunts, story time and hands-on activities inspired by the Museum’s collection and special exhibitions.  The theme for November is: Motion.
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Make It! Motion Makerspace with Artgineer Brian Calaway                                                                          
Inspiration: Legends of Speed            
1pm – 5pm                                                                              
¡Creálo! Creador de Movimiento de Artgineer Brian Calaway                            
Inspiración: Legends of Speed            
1pm – 5pm                                                                      
Wolfswinkel Education Center Studio                

Make It!: Pinstriping + 3D Printing with Phoenix Public Library                      
Inspiration: Legends of Speed                              
¡Creálo!: Rayas +  Impresión 3d con Phoenix Public Library                    
Inspiración: Legends of Speed                  
Chase Lobby                                                                          
See It! Special Installation: To Be Free
A collaboration with Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona
Wolfswinkel Education Center Gallery
іMíralo! Instalación especial: Ser Libre
Una colaboración con Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona                                                         
Wolfswinkel Education Center Gallery   
Draw It! with Arizona CycleKart Club
Inspiration: Pneus Jenatzy [Jenatzy Tires] by Georges Gaudy
Dibujalo! con Arizona CycleKart Club
Inspiración: Llantas Jenatzy de Georges Gaudy
Dorrance Sculpture Garden

Explora: Actividades manuales
Inspiración: Dibujos de Descender la línea de Steven Yazzie              
The Hub                  
Explore: Hands On
Inspiration: Mike Kelley 13 by Jennifer Steinkamp

Explora: Actividades manuales

Performance: Zoom! by Nicole L. Olson | MovementChaos
1pm and 3pm
Actuación: Zoom! de Nicole L. Olson | MovementChaos
Inspiración: Legends of Speed
1pm y 3pm
Cummings Great Hall
Participate! Mini Movement Workshop with Nicole L. Olson                            
Inspiration: La danza (The Dance) by Carlos Orozco Romero
Participa! Taller de Movimiento de Nicole L. Olson
Cummings Great Hall            
Story Time
1:30pm and 2:30pm in English
3:30pm in Spanish
Hora del cuento
1:30pm y 2:30pm en Ingles
3:30pm en Español
Orientation Theatre
Baby and Toddler Zone                                    
Zona de Bebes y Niños Pequeños                
Cummings Great Hall


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