Lenhardt Lecture: Jim Hodges

Apr 24, 2018, 7pm

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On April 24, 2018, Phoenix Art Museum will present world-renowned artist Jim Hodges as the inaugural speaker at the Museum’s annual Lenhardt Lecture, a key component of the recently announced David and Dawn Lenhardt Contemporary Art Initiative. Hodges is a conceptual artist whose work has been the subject of exhibitions at museums around the world. 

Known for the materials and varied scale of his work, which ranges from small installations to oversized, multi-ton sculptures, Hodges’ art transforms everyday objects into evocative sites that merge the personal, political, and universal. 

Immense and expansive as the emotions and experiences he captures, Hodges’ works include fine, complex pieces such as Not for Long (1996); a wall sculpture resembling a spider web crafted from jeweler’s metal chains; and No Betweens (1996) a curtain made out of silk flowers; and the billboard- sized Don’t Be Afraid (2004), for which Hodges invited members of the United Nations to handwrite the message don’t be afraid in their native languages on a large piece of vinyl. One of Hodges’ best-known works is a set of massive sculptural boulders, Untitled (2011), which he created by adhering shimmering stainless-steel skins to the surfaces of four 400-million-year-old stones, now permanently installed in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center.  

Hodges often integrates themes of social justice, equality, and connection. “The bottom line is that the purpose of art is to engage one’s community,” Hodges said in a 2013 interview with the New York Times. “When engagement with art is happening, there’s an opportunity for change.”


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Image credit: Photo by Luke Copping Photography.

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