North By Northwest

From Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) being chased by the crop dusting bi-plane, to the climax atop the faces of Mount Rushmore, this Hitchcock classic never lets up. Roger, an unsuspecting businessman is mistaken for a spy by a secret agent (James Mason). One of Hitchcock's personal favorites, the film combines a tense, harrowing pace with the fear of calamity lurking behind every door—truly the work of a master.

"One memorable scene after another; one of the all-time great entertainments." - Leonard Maltin

Runtime: 136 min. watch trailer here.

North by Northwest is being held in conjunction with Phoenix Theatre’s production of “The 39 Steps” playing Oct 2nd – Oct 20th. Film attendees will be entered into a drawing for free tickets to the play! For more info, including purchasing tickets to the play please click here.

Cost: FREE for Members, $5 for Non-members. Tickets available here.

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