Trash Cinema Series: Lonesome Cowboys

Whiteman Hall

Our Trash Cinema series begins with Lonesome Cowboys, Andy Warhol’s twisted wild western.

Shot on location in Arizona, the film follows Ramona D’Alvarez, her perpetually stoned nurse, and five gay cowboys, who all want to have sex with a handsome drifter. Directed by Andy Warhol, written and produced by Paul Morrissey (a trash filmmaker of his own regard), and starring many familiar faces from Warhol’s Factory scene, including Viva, Joe Dallesandro, Eric Emerson, Taylor Mead, and Louis Waldon.

Shocking audiences with its casual and sometimes explicit sexuality, Warhol’s method and aesthetic set the stage for future cinema of its kind. Shown in its true, original 16mm format.

Runtime: 110 minutes

Rating: X for explicit sexuality and drug usage

Cost: $5 members/$10 non-members

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