The Matrix

Set in futuristic 21st century, this action thriller tells of a race of vast and powerful computers who rule the Earth, using human beings as their energy source. The humans' passivity is ensured by a virtual reality device that convinces them they are experiencing life in the 20th century. When computer hacker Neo (Keanu Reeves) discovers that his seemingly normal life is nothing but an illusion, he opts to fight back.

“A virtual masterpiece.” - Richard Corliss, Time

“Stylish, savvy, the ultimate in cyberescapism.” - Janet Maslin, the New York Times.

Runtime: 136 min. Watch trailer here.

The Matrix is being shown in conjunction with The Art of Video Games on view June 16 – September 29.

Cost: FREE for Museum Members, $5 Non-members. Tickets available here.

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