I have students with special needs. Can they be accommodated?

We will make every effort to accommodate your students. Please alert the Tour Coordinator to any special needs when booking. When your docent calls, discuss any special needs again with him/her. Advance notice helps us better prepare and coordinate the program for your students.

What if my school can't afford a field trip?

Subsidies may be available for schools with 50% or greater Title I populations. Transportation grants for bus fee reimbursements are available. You also may consider booking an outreach program at your site.

Which do I do first: book with you or get my buses?

Every school district is different. Most districts publish transportation blackout dates and have schedules of when buses must be available for dismissal or special events. Check these schedules before booking when possible. We do understand, however, that bus schedules change, and will do our best to accommodate changes.

How do I prepare my students?

Watch the Museum's Visit Prep video with your students! It’s a great way to start a discussion of the where, why and how of your visit. The video also helps students to generate guidelines for acceptable behavior and explains some basic vocabulary. Have these same discussions with your chaperones; they are responsible for student behavior. Talk to our Tour Coordinator about scheduling a Meet Your Museum presentation for your classroom. Register for a Field Trip Preview Night (held monthly).

Is all the art in the Museum appropriate for children?

Like a public library, Phoenix Art Museum houses works that reflect a broad range of human experience and understanding. You are the best judge of what is appropriate for your students and school community. Some works or exhibitions explore concepts not easily grasped by younger students; we will let you know this. If you have other issues about which you are concerned, please tell us. We will be as sensitive to your needs as possible, but will not compromise an accurate presentation of works of art, time periods or cultures.

Are there lunch facilities?

The Museum has no lunchroom. If your students are bringing lunch/drinks, they must be left on the bus or in the entry lobby. Locations for outdoor lunch include the Museum's Sculpture Garden; Margaret T. Hance Park (Deck Park) on Central Avenue just south of McDowell Road; and Encanto Park at 15th Avenue.

What is appropriate Museum Behavior?

Behavior that shows respect for the artworks and other visitors is encouraged. Stay with your group and walk calmly. Talk quietly together about what you are seeing. Respond to and ask questions of docents. Enjoy your opportunity to see the real thing, and help preserve it for others by resisting the temptation to touch it.

Can my students take photos?

Taking photos is allowed in accordance with our photo policy. Remember that photo-taking may be a distraction to listening and discussing; please exercise discretion.