Art Guides for Educators

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Maya Lin, Pin River: Colorado River


Hi An Hoard 

Girolamo Genga, Madonna Enthroned with Christ Child and Saints Pantaleon, Joseph, Prisca, and Anthony Abbott.


Annie LopezThe Almost Real History of Art in Phoenix


Philip C. Curtis, Entrance with Light Bulb                                                         

Kehinde Wiley, Marechal Floriano Peixoto (from The World Stage: Brazil Series)


Faith Ringgold, The Bitter Nest, Part 1: Love in the School Yard

Jean-Léon Gérôme, Pollice Verso (Thumbs Down)

Bactrian Camel and Groom


Art Masterpiece Posters are now Art Guides for Educators

The first Art Guides for Educators are now available as PDF files you can download for classroom use. Each includes a high quality reproduction of artwork from Phoenix Art Museum’s collection, artist information, lesson ideas, and complementary resources (close-up views of objects, highlighting interesting details; links to curator and installation videos; artist interviews; & more). Digital posters have many advantages: No more tracking down who has the poster you need for a lesson, no storage issues, and you’ll have easy, immediate access to all available materials to use in a PowerPoint or Prezi lesson, or to project to your Smart Board.

Note: Because not every classroom has the technology to project the images for use in the classroom, each PDF poster packet includes a high-quality image that you can print (images are for educational use only).  

While we will not be printing future posters, we have limited quantities of past year poster sets for schools that do not already have a copy. To request a past poster set, email us at (Posters are limited to those on hand, one set per school).

Looking for Van Gogh, Michelangelo, or other “Masterpieces”?

We frequently receive requests for images of artwork not from our collection. We are limited to providing reproductions of art from our collection, and for which we have received the artist’s permission to provide, or no longer protected by copyright. Resources for art outside of our collection may be found by contacting the education department of the museum where the object is held, or through online retailers, such as,, or others.