What Teachers and Students are saying about Phoenix Art Museum and the value of its programs.

“My students were able to not only hear about the artwork, but FEEL it in a setting imbued with the spirit of the artwork! They might not have felt this before, and NONE of them have been to the Phoenix Art Museum or another art museum for that matter.” – 2nd Grade Teacher, Isaac School District

“I am so grateful that our students had this experience! The teachers are urging me to do it every year. They are already submitting their names as participants. It's wonderful to have them supporting the arts! - Art Teacher, Glendale Elementary School District

“My students will now be able to connect content that they are learning in class, as well as other areas of life, to the fine arts.” -Language Support Specialist, Cartwright School District

“My students had a very good experience at the museum. Our docents did an excellent job with the pieces that were chosen. They helped my students decode the works of art they saw and assisted them in gaining a greater appreciation of works even if they didn’t particularly like them.” -IB Coordinator, Agua Fria Union High School District

“Our students had the opportunity to experience live learning, practice higher ordering thinking while developing a relationship and enthusiasm toward the Museum.” - Art Teacher, Peoria Unified School District

“My students learned how to look at art and how to “read” their surroundings…” AP Spanish Literature & Language Teacher, Phoenix Union High School District

Student Quotations

“Our docent took us to all the places we wanted to see and allowed us a bit of freedom. She also was creative and linked our chosen pieces to pieces she thought we might have liked.” - High School Student, Phoenix Union High School District

“Going to the Museum was as amazing as riding your favorite ride the first time. My experience was superb because everything was great and made me think.” - 7th Grade Student, Phoenix Union High School District

“I really enjoyed my first visit time going to an art museum. My favorite part of the Phoenix Art Museum was the Fireflies because it reminded me when I used to live in California and look at the stars on the beach at night.” -8th Grade Student, Cartwright School District

“I was able to use stuff I had learned in school and tie it with things in the Museum. Being able to make those connections helped me grasp the subjects a lot more.” - High School Student, Phoenix Union High School District

“My favorite moment from our visit to Phoenix Art Museum was when we saw the moving tree outside of the elevator. It was so peaceful and beautiful.” – 6th Grade Student, Peoria Unified School District