Betsabeé Romero
Columna interminable (Endless Column)
Rubber tire and gold leaf
Collection of Phoenix Art Museum, Gift of Friends of Mexican Art in honor of its 50th Anniversary, with additional generous support from Maria DeLongy, Greta Mock, Jacqueline 
and Paul Schulz, Kathren and Fritz Thomas, Kotzie Wheeler and Greta Woods.

On view

The phenomena of migration and borders are constant preoccupations for Betsabee Romero. For her, tires refer not only to circulation and mobility, but also serve as "emblematic symbols of the theme of migration."

Part of her Migrant Series, the 17 tires that constitute Endless Column are inscribed with abstract symbols drawn from cultures found across ancient North, Central, and South America: from the Aztecs in Mexico, to the Paracas culture in Peru, to the Hohokam people of ancient Arizona. By inscribing iconic symbols of ubiquitous objects, Romero reflects upon patterns of migration that began long before border fences were erected.