Time, Place and People

Frank Lloyd Wright: Organic Architecture for the 21st Century explores the tenets of Wright’s organic architecture—appropriateness to time, place and people—through the current perspective of green building; specifically the concepts of energy, materials, site, climate, space efficiency, pre-fabricated technology, transportation and urban planning. The exhibition highlights many triumphs of Wright’s career including Unity Temple (Oak Park, IL, 1905), Fallingwater (Mill Run, PA, 1936), Johnson Wax Administration Building (Racine, WI, 1936, known today as the SC Johnson Administration Building), Taliesin (Spring Green, WI, 1911-59) and Taliesin West (Scottsdale, AZ, 1937-59).

This exhibition is co-organized by the Milwaukee Art Museum
and Phoenix Art Museum, in collaboration with the
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Scottsdale, Arizona.
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